Michael Austin


HOMETOWN: Beautiful Walla Walla, for 53 of my 58 years

FAVORITE RIDE: North Touchet/Luckenbill, but make sure you ride clockwise (seems to be an on going argument regarding direction on this one)

HOW MANY BIKES DO YOU OWN? 12 or so.  Functioning units that I could jump on ride...that's a different story. 7?

FAVORITE BIKE: This all depends on the day, Mother Nature, and how much coffee has been consumed.

FAVORITE BEER: This is easy, the newest one on my list is Counterbalance Tabletop Supernova IPA

BEST RIDE FOOD: Whole wheat fig bars from Andy's Market/Hammer Perpetuem.

BEST/WORST RACE ACHIEVEMENT: Gosh, the list of my two best race achievements (my only race achievements!) is so long...Probably winning the 2011 WA. State CX championships. Let's just say the list at the other end of the spectrum is much longer.

FAVORITE NEW BIKE IN THE SHOP: Rather enamored with the 2016 Jamis Dragonslayer. The ideal plus size Mountain Bike / Bikepacking machine.


Kaler Marshall

HOMETOWN: Idaho Falls, ID

FAVORITE RIDE: Emigrant Springs Highway

HOW MANY BIKES DO YOU OWN? Not enough... 6 and counting

FAVORITE BIKE: Titanium Merlin Fortius

FAVORITE BEER: Coffee... no seriously, coffee!!! Beer will do in a pinch.

BEST RIDE FOOD: Coffee and tacos

BEST/WORST RACE ACHIEVEMENT: Best - Best Amateur Jersey at 2015 NorthStar GP / Worst - 2014/2015 Tour of the Gila.



Steve Rapp



FAVORITE RIDE: Today - Harris Park; Tomorrow - probably the Kellogg Hollow loop; Next week; likely Touchet River Road

HOW MANY BIKES DO YOU OWN? 3 for me, soon to be 5; plus 4 for Sherrie, my fabulous wife.

FAVORITE BIKE: Orca M-Ltd and Kona Super Jake (can't have just one favorite)

FAVORITE BEER: McMenamin's Bagdad Ale on a hot day, especially after a ride

BEST RIDE FOOD: None other than a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup

BEST RACE ACHIEVEMENT: Beating much better riders than myself in a 'miss-and-out' criterium to take 3rd place. More exciting than all of my wins (which can probably be counted on one or two hands)

FAVORITE NEW BIKE IN THE SHOP: The Orbea MX. It's the best line of sub $1000 bikes on the market.


Matt Faunt

HOMETOWN: Portland, OR

FAVORITE RIDE: If we're talking pavement, it's gotta be Harris Park. Gravel? Lincton Mountain Road. Trails? Whistle Lake in Anacortes, WA.

HOW MANY BIKES DO YOU OWN? 4 complete bikes and 2 frames (which will hopefully someday be complete bikes).

FAVORITE BIKE: My new Jamis Dakota Team.

FAVORITE BEER: Boneyard Beer Hop Venom IPA

BEST RIDE FOOD: Waffle sandwiches!

BEST/WORST RACE ACHIEVEMENT: Getting rad on the Olympia Beer jump at OBRA CX State Championships.

FAVORITE NEW BIKE IN THE SHOP: The Orbea Katu, such a cool urban commuting bike!


Rachel Geiter

HOMETOWN: Milwaukie, OR

FAVORITE RIDE: Scenic Loop Road, the gravel section.

HOW MANY BIKES DO YOU OWN? Currently two, looking at two more!

FAVORITE BIKE: My Jamis Dragon Pro - It has completely changed mountain biking for me. I've never had so much fun on a bike!

FAVORITE BEER: Really nice tequila.

BEST RIDE FOOD: Junior Mints, bananas.

BEST/WORST RACE ACHIEVEMENT: Riding a whole cyclocross race in France without a saddle!

FAVORITE NEW BIKE IN THE SHOP: The lime green Orbea Avant.


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